Millermatic Pulser Quit Welding
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    Millermatic Pulser Quit Welding

    Millermatic Pulser
    Serial Number #: LC022378

    Quit welding today. It runs, feeds wire, but won’t arc. I did some research and it sounds as if the contactor may be bad. I cannot hear it slamming shut when I pull the trigger. Any recommendations as far as troubleshooting? I don’t want to replace it if it’s not the problem. Any other things I should check that might cause the problem?


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    Re: Millermatic Pulser Quit Welding

    Check for 24v AC at the contactor coil when the gun trigger is pressed. If you have 24v AC there, then run about 6" of wire out of the gun and touch the metal or ground clamp and hold it there. Next take a insulated screwdriver and press in on the spring-activated part of the contactor. If the wire arcs then your contactor is bad. Report back what you find.

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