Hello all,

I know there is many ways to build a boat port, just driving down my road I can see 4 or 5 that are all built out of different materials and all look good and all look like they have been there for years and are plenty sturdy. I live in North Texas and we don't get enough snow to amount to any weight. I live in heavy woods so I don't get much cross wind either. I am just going to lay gravel under the port no concrete. I am not fully decided on size yet but I have rough sizes for now. I am looking for advice on how big/thick of material I need for this. My shop which is a 36' X 30' building on a concrete pad was made from 4" X 4" X 1/8" sq tubing with one set of uprights and gable at the front, middle and back of the 36' walls. It is plenty sturdy. The eaves are 14' and not sure on the peak but I would say close to 20'. I had it built, I did not build it. I do not need this to be near as large or as sturdy. I do want to make it out of sq tube though because I am good at working with tube. I have all the tools to cut it and its easy for me. I am not so good at working with pipe yet.

Roughly I expect it to be about 30' long and 12' wide with probably 10' eaves and I am going to say 13' at the peak in the middle. I am going to do a gable but we don't have enough snow to consider and I am thinking 3' rise over 6' of run is plenty steep. The majority of carports in my area are flat top at a very slight angle and don't seem to have any issues. I am thinking of using 2" X 4" tube so if I use 4" C-Purlin it will marry up to the 4" sides. I am thinking 1/8" thick will be good but again, that is why I am posting here, if that is nuts, let me know. I have seen some people use 2 X 2 tube and use the purlin flat instead of on edge. Seems on edge would be more sturdy for the roof but I see it both ways and really don't know if there is a "right" way or just a "better" way.

Any thoughts, experience, advice you want to give, I am all ears. I have learned most all I know from listening to others and even though there will be many different "right" ways to build this and maybe some discussion back and forth, I will happily take it all in.