firepower 220i tweco 211i? roll cage
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    firepower 220i tweco 211i? roll cage

    thought i'd pass this along, stumbled on this on ebay, i took a chance it would fit my 211
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    Re: firepower 220i tweco 211i? roll cage

    It fits the 211i, and 252i
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    Re: firepower 220i tweco 211i? roll cage

    the seller must have made a mistake, i only paid $3 for the one i bought, but shortly after the purchase the price went to $104

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    Re: firepower 220i tweco 211i? roll cage

    they just refunded my money saying there was a problem with pricing, oh well, might as well delete the thread

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    Re: firepower 220i tweco 211i? roll cage

    Man, that is weak sauce to not make the sale to you.

    On the flipside, I accidentally "BUY IT NOW"'d a $65K truck on ebay. The seller very graciously understood my mistake and refunded my money that I didn't actually have.
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    Re: firepower 220i tweco 211i? roll cage

    Yes, of course, $3, with free shipping would have been an obvious loss for the seller and was an undoubtedly mistake in price listing.

    Still, if you want one, the $104, with free shipping and no tax imposed seems like a fair deal.
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    Re: firepower 220i tweco 211i? roll cage

    If you are still interested in a roll cage - this one is a little cheaper than $104
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