Powcon output control board help
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    Powcon output control board help

    Hi -

    I'm currently repairing my third Powcon, and this one is the hardest. It's a 300SM and the board 100241-1 has totally burned up R6. Is there anyone who has one of these opened up that can provide this component value? I would have not sold the last two repaired 300SM if I knew this one had a burnt board....ugh.

    Thank you in advance -

    Tom in Colorado Springs

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    Re: Powcon output control board help

    Hi Tom,

    I hope the 100241-004 board I sent you works well. Please let me know how it goes when you've got the board installed.

    For anyone else reading this who has the same question, R6 is a 12-ohm non-inductive bifilar resistor. It is absolutely obsolete - the company that manufactured them got bought out by a larger company and no longer has any records for how to make them.

    I have a small stock of PowCon parts that I'm slowly putting on ebay. I still have one 100241-004 board left, but I'm actually hoping to be able to supply an alternative soon.

    Let me know if you have any questions.

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