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Thread: US gallon

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    Re: US gallon

    Some fifty-five-gallon drums held 63 gallons. By actual calibrated measurement.


    William McCormick
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    Re: US gallon

    And a barrel of oil is roughly 42 gal.
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    Re: US gallon

    This made me laugh.

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    Re: US gallon

    ...delurking to stir the pot...

    Let me throw in: U.S. Survey Foot vs International Foot

    ...running for cover...
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    Re: US gallon

    Quote Originally Posted by FlaJoe View Post
    I don't know about the difference in gallons but a lot of the changes in the US word spelling and monetary system occurred the Revolutionary War. A lot of things were changed due to anti-British sentiment but also the US, lead by people like Benjamin Franklin, used it as an opportunity to clean up a lot of antiquated British spelling such as replacing colour with color, centre with center, etc. In the US, the history of British dominated New England is often passed off as the history of colonial America so it's easy to forget that there were many other cultures and systems here other than English so being a brand new country, the US was able adopt the best of each each one and wasn't forced into the continuation of things like the quirky British monetary system of pennies, ha'pennies, farthings, pence, quid, shillings, thrupence, pounds, bobs, quineas, etc.

    And before someone asks why the US did adopt the SI or Metric system at this nations founding, it wasn't invented or standardized until much later.
    After the American Revolution, England had to burn her basic documents, or there would have been a civil war at home. The colonies broke away because they read the documents that were created during Englands revolution from Rome. They, of course, recognized that taxation was the devil's work and not part of a healthy society.

    That is what England had figured out, that a country with real men as leaders naturally guaranteed a fortune for all its citizens. In other words, a countries citizens are naturally wealthy; poverty requires a lot of hard work by the devil to pull off.
    That is because it is hard to tell smart, wealthy individuals to do stupid things. While poverty often allows a fool with a few dollars to make the incredibly stupid possible.

    Paying taxes is not a right or Godly act, it is doing the devils work.


    William McCormick
    If I wasn't so.....crazy, I wouldn't try to act normal, and you would be afraid.

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