Dynasty 200DX & MM350P for sale
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    Dynasty 200DX & MM350P for sale

    Hello all,

    as the title states I have a Miller Dynasty 200 DX & a Millermatic 350P for sale.

    Just to note I am not much of a welder, I bought these so my Nephew could use them and he has moved onto other things so here we are.

    Please read my entire post as I have listed what they come with, the price I'd like to get and shipping the units.

    Dynasty 200 DX S/N- LC339227 asking 1500.00$
    MillerMatic 350P S/N- LH190810B asking 2500.00$

    These were both bought used a couple years apart from each other. The Dynasty wrapper is a little old looking and its missing the door on the front (was like that when I bought it). The MM350P is in decent shape inside and out. Both units were just returned to me from a welding repair facility and given a clean bill of health. The MM350P needed some minor repair but was not a big deal.

    I have pictures of both and will try to post them. The 350P pics were taking before it went out and it had almost all the wrapper removed so I will include a pic of the wrapper.

    Asking price
    Dynasty 200 DX - 1500.00$ (please note this is ONLY the power supply, the accessories were given to a friend a while back)
    Millermatic 350P - 2500.00$ (this comes with a 350Amp 15ft mig gun (I forget the brand but if anyone is interested and needs to know I will find out) and a work lead about 10 or 15 foot with a new clamp)

    Please let me know if you have any questions on them. I am open to offers but I think knowing they are working to spec and the price I'm looking for that it's a fair deal.
    I have photos of the S/N plate but can only load 5 attachments. If you would like photos of the S/N plate please message me and I will reply with them.

    And lastly I am located in PA outside of the Lehigh Valley. I am willing to ship the Dynasty but you have to pay for the shipping. I think the 350P can only be freighted and I don't know if they will come to my house but we can look into it if necessary and I will do my best to work with you. I am willing to meet somewhere but I will say yes or no depending on how far. I am not sure if I can fit the 350P in my car but I am willing to try it.
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    Re: Dynasty 200DX & MM350P for sale

    Good Morning .
    Sent a PM about dynasty
    Dan k.

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