First Time Welding
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    First Time Welding

    When I was in grade 8 (late 70s), once a week they bused us off to a local High School for shop. It was a very small High School. We first did electricity in a portable, then moved into the school proper for the rest of the shop classes.

    The shop was small, I bet a lot of people here have larger garages. There where a small number of projects we had to do. But the biggest one was bending a piece of metal into an S shape and welding it to another piece of metal using an oxy/acetylene torch.

    The shop teacher gave a quick demo on how to light the torch and get the flame right. Then we where on our own.

    Since they only had a couple of torches, you had to wait until one was free. So one day, after I had bent the metal, a torch was free. Under no supervision whatsoever, I lit up the torch and welded the two pieces together. The only piece of safety gear was goggles, other than that we just had our normal school clothes.

    It was my favorite part of the class. I bought a welding torch kit (Victor if anybody cares) but have never gotten around to getting gas for it.

    But I doubt today if they would let a 14 year old, with basically no training, and no supervision, use a torch with minimal safety gear. Even though, as far as I know, they had been doing this for years with no injuries.

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    Re: First Time Welding

    Well yes in public school. But Boy Scouts let kids earn the welding merit badge. Scouts are as young as 11 years old may engage in the requirements which includes welding. Most boys and some girls are fascinated by metal joining thru welding.
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    Re: First Time Welding

    Same here basically. Now the world is full of paranoid bed wetters who are terrified of acet gas. Betcha that rig didnt have any flashback nor arrestors on it either.

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    Re: First Time Welding

    Couple factors:

    Money- shop classes were closed up due to lack of funding-along with quite a few other extra curricular activities.

    lawsuits: parent/child not to blame - school is sued.

    again money- school/insurer doesn't want the liability= shop class closed.
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