Esab powercut 1300 error code 21
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    Esab powercut 1300 error code 21

    Hi everyone, good to be here again, i´m having problems with my esab powercut 1300, suddenly it appears error 21, i already check consumables, put new ones on it, check air pressure to 75 PSI, but this thing is sending error 21, have to re-start the machine and sometimes is good enough but sometimes no, and keeps in error 21, any ideas my friends?

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    Re: Esab powercut 1300 error code 21

    21. PIP (Parts in place) no continuity - Piston did not drop back in place when signal to solenoid was removed

    From the manual. I had something similar. (I beleive it was a 21 code..) Ended up being a board which was not in stock, so Esab Just gave me a new machine.. First one was DOA (but code showing) ,and second one lasted 1.5 years,and the code issue showed up..The last one made it to the 3 years warranty, and then I sold it.. As far as i know, it's still going strong. I liked the machine better then my new Hypertherm, and Victor units on my cnc table, but too scary to own those Polish Esab machines without a warranty..
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