Differences in 1969 SA 200's
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    Differences in 1969 SA 200's

    Hey I got 2 '69 sa200. Ones getting rebuilt as we speak and it's got a true red face plate and a f162. Now my other '69 has a black faceplate and oil light... I think?... but that one has a f163.

    Both motors are same code 6633 and are original

    Just wondering if someone knew of the time line from short hood to "long hood" with the two piece front then going into the 60's and 70's

    After this 69 rebuild I'll be taking the f163 out of my other 69 and connecting it to my 58 gen.. well that's the plan but we'll see!

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    Re: Differences in 1969 SA 200's

    my 68 has a F163 and a single piece face panel. late sixties are odd with all of the changes that came down the assembly line forcing usage of older parts to get them out of stock.
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    Re: Differences in 1969 SA 200's

    It's my understanding that between 1966-67 is when they went to the one piece front panel. My 1966 has the split panel

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