Help, craters at end of weld
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    Help, craters at end of weld

    I just picked up a Lincoln 88 amp flux cored MIG welder two weeks ago and have been practicing in my spare time. I'm trying to weld steel square tubing but am having trouble with sort of craters where I stop the weld at. Any suggestions on how to prevent of remedy this? Also any comments on my welds overall are appreciated as I am a novice trying to teach myself. Also there is no surface prep at all so these wont be perfect welds by any stretch.

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    Re: Help, craters at end of weld

    I have little experience flux core , but solid wire.. after you get done running the bead... stop.. then instantly light up again and drop a dollop/spot weld...

    seems to do the trick.

    I do the same for tig... /-= shrinkage
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    Re: Help, craters at end of weld

    I’m just a hobby welder my self. What I do when getting ready to stop. Is close up the stick out length, and back up just a touch to fill in the crater.
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    Re: Help, craters at end of weld

    when you get to the end make a circle and double back maybe 1/4 inch then go to the end of the joint again or just make a circle or 2. you have to try and see what works best for each joint. the bead shape is not bad but your voltage might be a little high or you wire is too slow, you have to fine tune those also. it just takes practice.
    what size and brand of wire is it?
    what kind of machine are you using?

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    Re: Help, craters at end of weld

    Welcome to the forum.
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    Re: Help, craters at end of weld

    Backing off the gun, longer stickout while welding, cools a mig do to higher resistence in the hot wire. I believe innershield is the same as mig in this respect. Also you should have a drag angle not a push like mig. Increasing the angle will also cool the weld as you finish the weld.
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