Too much stuff!
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Thread: Too much stuff!

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    Too much stuff!

    How in the heck do I stop getting these weekly notifications to threads that I've posted on? The box for 'weekly subscription' is NOT checked and far as I can see, there is no way to manage the mess. I Know I'm hoping but I wish the was a way to destroy the stupid emoji sidebar, too! Who really wants to watch a bunch of flies crawling around doing idiotic things while posting, anyway?

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    Re: Too much stuff!



    I am not completely insane..
    Some parts are missing

    Professional Driver on a closed course....
    Do not attempt.

    Just because I'm a dumbass don't mean that you can be too.
    So DON'T try any of this **** l do at home.

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    Re: Too much stuff!

    You need to unsubscribe to all threads and also turn off signature lines.

    either that.. or my spider is gonna git you...
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    True Wisdom only comes from Pain.

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