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    Re: Everlast 221 long term review

    Quote Originally Posted by xmmancharl View Post
    Use c02 no mix...

    manifold for gas in, no changing gas lines.

    one line argon, other c02, other 2 lines connect back of welders

    Attachment 1724831

    Did you mill and tap the block or is it an item for purchase?

    Everlast PowerMTS221 sti

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    Re: Everlast 221 long term review


    The Triangle wave is for AC on aluminum. You'd probably do better on Square wave to start on aluminum, or just DC on mild steel with no mill scale.

    Quote Originally Posted by aaronUSMC View Post
    Have only tried the mig and stick on the machine thus far. Incase anyone didn't know, a wedding is a soul sucking event in terms of finances. Had just enough free cash to get wire and gas when it got here. I'll slap some argon in there eventually and play around with it to see. Any thoughts on what metal you would like to see hit with the triangle?

    Everlast PowerMTS221 sti
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