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    Re: NEWBIE choice for stick welder purchase

    One aspect not mentioned here in the inverter/transformer debate is amp draw; which to a beginner is much more important than weight/portability.

    Transformer machines pull a lot more current than inverters and depending on your electrical service, can make the difference between welding or twiddling your thumbs. An older Thunderbolt transformer welder has a 50amp draw in the specs, the newer inverter is 20amps.

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    Re: NEWBIE choice for stick welder purchase

    The OP was talking about doing farm repairs. If he has any haying equipment, I'd get the ac/dc machine. AC seems to be useful on magnetized iron where maintaining a stable arc is hard. Haying machines IME tend to be quite magnetized because of material with a static charge being rubbed over it in one direction for long periods of time. AC is easier to weld and control the arc as compared to DC. I've been looking at AC MIG for that reason.

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