First TIG welds in Aluminum, feedback please
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    First TIG welds in Aluminum, feedback please

    Today was my first day welding aluminum. I have very little TIG experience - mostly MIG with some stick and some Oxy/Acetylene brazing.

    I tried on some C channel, about 3/32" thick, 1" x 1/2", and the results were horrible - like, break the internet horrible, so I cut some scrap 1/8" aluminum into 5" x 5" squares and tried some practice beads. Here is my result.

    I was using 3/32" 2% Lanthanated Tungsten, 3/32 ER4043 filler, and about 110 amps. I was using a #7 cup, with about 15cfh on the argon (100% argon).

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    I left space between each pass, so the first passes are the odd rows, and my 2nd attempt is the even rows. Between the two passes I quenched and wire brushed.

    I figure I have at least a hundred more of these before I can do anything with decent consistency, so I'd appreciate any specific feedback. That last pass, I was running low on filler rod and tried to use too short of piece and things got ugly.

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    Re: First TIG welds in Aluminum, feedback please

    Those look good for a first day alright.

    I think you're ready for some joints, which is where welding begins, i.e., joining pieces.
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    Re: First TIG welds in Aluminum, feedback please

    You were clearly overheating the plate on your second pass. Allow the base metal to cool a bit every 3rd or 4th bead. Just a minute ormtwo of cooling. Grind your tungsten or change to a fresh one imediately after you dip it into the aluminum. Dont forget to fill the craters at the end of the weld bead.
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    Re: First TIG welds in Aluminum, feedback please

    You are off to a good start. Taper off your arc at the end while circling the torch some to reduce the crater in the end.
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    Re: First TIG welds in Aluminum, feedback please

    Looks really good for 4043. Try starting with 150 amps. Then back of as need after u get going. Somtimes 1/8" aluminum takes over 240 amps depending on the joint setup and mass of the part.

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