Lincoln SP100- TIG kit?
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    Question Lincoln SP100- TIG kit?

    I need to weld aluminum with my SP100. Is there a kit available to allow me to weld aluminum?? I am in desperate need of getting my boat ( aluminum ) welded. Also any suggestions on welding the aluminum would be appreciated!!
    The metal is approx 3/16 thick I will be welding.

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    Re: Lincoln SP100- TIG kit?

    you cannot turn amig into a tig. cc VS cv welding machines. you can buy a gas kit for that welding machine. change out the liner, buy some argon and give it a shot, but i wouldnt suggest it. i have the same machine and already had every thing. i tried to weld al. with it one day. it joined the metal, but i would say it WELDED it. it really isnt a power supply designed for welding al. you can give it a whirl but
    gas kit= $100.oo but it is a very good addition to that machine
    bottle and fill = at least a hundred
    changing out the liner, and trying to get the alum. wire to feed properly
    PRICELESS good luck oits

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    Re: Lincoln SP100- TIG kit?

    3/16 is probably just too thick to do with the amps you have at your disposal with that welder, and if you don't have any experience with aluminum, this might not be the place to start anyway. If the problem is a danger keeping you out of the water, you probably don't want to attempt a critical aluminum weld as your first project. Also, unless you want to make a farily large purchase in welding equipment (as compared with what you currently have), I would suggest having someone do the welding for you. If it's a pretty simple weld, it shouldn't cost that much, and if it's not simple, you shouldn't be risking the boat or injury by doing it yourself.

    If you are set on doing it yourself, I'd look at the 175+ amp welders with the option of a mig spool gun (one with gas capabilities, some cheap spool guns only do fluxcore) as a minimum starting point...and, grab some similar stock for lots of practice. If you think you might have an interest in welding AL more often than once, then go with a millermatic 210 or 251 (or their equivilants in other brands) and a spoolgun.
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