Hobart cyber - wave 300S for sale!!
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    Hobart cyber - wave 300S for sale!!

    We have a Hobart Cyber -Wave 300S for sale, This unit was taken out of service in November of 2016 it had been certified in September of 2016 and was working as it should we just upgraded our equipment.

    Asking $600.00 obo.
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    Re: Hobart cyber - wave 300S for sale!!

    Where are you located? Have the transformers been synchronized lately?

    As I recall those are 3 phase only. At least mine were. Those were fantastic machines until the transformers went out of calibration and the rectifier blocks failed. I would have repaired them buy ITW decided not to support them anymore. I made a lot of money with those Cyberwaves.
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    Re: Hobart cyber - wave 300S for sale!!

    No they have not, I know the company purchased them brand new. we just upgraded to new machines that is the reason we are selling some equipment this machine never welded anything other than .040 Aluminum skins. We are located in Arnold Missouri.

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    Re: Hobart cyber - wave 300S for sale!!

    438 miles. Dang. You are on the wrong side of the state from me. I need another welder like a drunk needs another bottle of whiskey.

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