I've had these old owner's manuals sitting in my bookcase for about the last 20 years or so. I finally got around to scanning them. I remember I had a hard time finding them, and figured that someone else may need to see the information contained within.

One of them covers the Hobart model G200 engine driven welder powered by a two cylinder gasoline engine. 22 pages. includes parts manual. Dated March 1981. Note: There are three pages at the end of this manual depicting a parts diagram which is from a different welding machine, possibly a GR303 or GF250. I have forgotten which.

The other manual covers the Hobart model GF250 powered by the Ford industrial six cylinder gasoline engine. 47 pages. includes parts manual. Dated January 1976.

I also have the parts manual (42 pages) and the operator's manual (approximately 70 pages) for the Ford industrial six cylinder gasoline engine, which was used on some early Hobart engine driven welders.

I've posted these manuals to my google site. Feel free to view, download or print them. The link follows. If there are any problems, email me. Enjoy.