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    Re: I failed a MIG weld test today :(

    Quote Originally Posted by Showdog75 View Post
    I don't doubt you Carl but in my Navy experience your allowed to use the gauges and if you don't and fail to stay within the wps parameters your done.
    Remember now, this is for construction projects. The first time this happened to me, was when we built the water pit coffer dam next to dry dock 4. In Puget Sound Naval Shipyard in Bremerton Washington.
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    Re: I failed a MIG weld test today :(

    oh the good old days.......all the machines i had to mig with had abc,s and 123,s ....every one machine was dif... had to set up by sound ...lololol

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    Re: I failed a MIG weld test today :(

    Three of the last four welders I gave test to could not set their machines. They said we need new equipment that they could punch in the material thickness and have the machine set the parameters.

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    Re: I failed a MIG weld test today :(

    On this one piping job for a new boiler installation I was the on site working supervisor for, the company sent me out a new hired welder as an addition to the crew that they had tested and said was certified for the work we were doing. My boss said he was sending me a qualified "pipe welder). He was an older guy and looked and talked like he knew what he was doing. It was winter and we were set up in the boiler house (real high noise level). I kept an eye on him from a distance for the first hour or so and it really looked like he'd done this kind of work before and knew what he was doing. Luckily before he'd done to much welding I happen to walk close behind him while he was welding. Just by the sound I could tell he was running 7018 on straight polarity (DCEN) . During the ensuing conversation he appeared to know that 7018 was suppose to be run on reverse polarity (DCEP) and claimed that's what he was on.

    Any way, long story short, no more pipe welding for him. But he had a good attitude and was willing to take instruction and I was needing some one to take care of a lot of less critical welding building all manner of structural pipe supports, brackets, etc. After a little OJT he ended up being a real valuable member of the crew.

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    Re: I failed a MIG weld test today :(

    Don't sweat it just learn from it and keep trying . Ive gone to 10 job interviews in the last year for jobs i was more then qualified for and got passed over while also working full time. but on the 11th interview for a job that i was barely qualified for which is a lot more pay and better hours and half hour closer drive then the others. i got it. but after the 3-5 job interview i was bummed and getting stressed just did my best to not show it.

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    Re: I failed a MIG weld test today :(

    Most places will let you re-test after a certain amount of time. You should ask and see if they will allow it.

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