Vantage 400 & Pipe Pro 350 differences?
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View Poll Results: Vantage 400 vs Pipe Pro 350 what would u rather run!?

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  • Vantage 400 (perkins engine)

    2 50.00%
  • the new Pipe Pro 350 (mitsubishi engine)

    2 50.00%
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    Vantage 400 & Pipe Pro 350 differences?

    From what I understand the Vantage cannot do scratch start TIG, although the PipePro 350 is able to.
    In terms of welding capabilities I find they are pretty much exact. I have scene the proven reliability of the Perkins engine on the Vantage, but the Mitsubishi engine on the Pro 350 I have no idea about.
    Is the purchase of either just based on preference, because both are excellent in all welding processes?
    Thanks very much!

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    Re: Vantage 400 & Pipe Pro 350 differences?

    I haven't welded on either welder so I won't comment there. Mitsubishi diesels are good motors though very reliable, if you look at bread ( and all other kinds of delivery ) trucks they are Fuso. You have seen them snub nosed ugly like only a Mother or a owner could love. The Fuso's are Mitsubishi, something like a 300,000 or 500,000 mile warranty on them, best I have ever seen. They are also economical.

    I wouldn't use the engine as my sole factor on the decision, both are good, I like Perkins ( I have one ) but the Mitsubishi is a quality motor.

    Have you looked at the Vantage 400 ? If I was looking at a welder in this class I think I would opt for the 400 because it has the biggest generator capability big enough to run a big plasma cutter.

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