Torch water cooler fluid?
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    Torch water cooler fluid?

    I just bought an old (30 years) Idealarc tig 250/250 that had an Old (30 years) Dyna-Flux water cooler that the coolant has started to jell/gum up and is stinky. This is my first cooler setup for a tig torch, I probably don’t need it at all but, I figure I have it I might as well use it. I called Dyna-flux which by the way is still in business and seem to be great people to deal with. They told me that I needed a 929 or 927 fluid for the unit. One is concentrated and the other is pre mixed. What is you guys experience with coolant types? Can you use an automotive anti freeze? It seems to be the same type closed system? I know the dyna flux coolant isn’t very expensive but, getting the stuff and making sure you always have some on hand seems to be a pain if the automotive type will work you can at least run up and get some on the weekend if needed.

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    Re: Torch water cooler fluid?

    Everyone will tell you they have used everything from regular anti-freeze to tap water to sierra anti-freeze. I don't know of anyone whose ever complained that they had an issue...

    Before I knew any better, I had about 10 years on Sierra anti-freeze + tap water. Only issue I had was mold or some sort of slimy stuff growing in the tank (maybe 6 years is too long to go without flushing it out....) The Old Milller Radiator 1s had a site glass and as long as water was flowing, you knew coolant was flowing to the torch. Cleaned it out, blew out the lines, refilled with more sierra and deionized.

    That being said, Miller recommends a low conductivity anti-freeze to help with high frequency and AC operations. Miller anti-freeze is also in the $25-$35 range (single gallon).

    I would imagine that it takes something out of the high frequency start. Hard to say. I've never considered the Millers (non-blue lightning anyway) for having a strong start. Adequate maybe, not strong. The Dynasty 350 is running Miller coolant - mostly because I'm afraid for my investment.

    I would use deionized water and just enough anti-freeze to keep things from actually freezing. If I was worried about the pump, add red-line water wetter. Pep boys carries it. Keep it cheap and replace every year.

    In a pinch, tap water will do. Its just all the extra minerals etc. in the water could eventually (and we are talking a very long eventually) you can get build ups of all kinds of nasties including calcium (like a rock)
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    Re: Torch water cooler fluid?

    A good antifreeze will have anti-corrosion compounds. Plain water, deionized or not, will eventually degrade aluminum, and even copper and brass suffer after decades of contact with it. The anti-corrosion compounds should stop or at least greatly slow that.

    As for whether auto antifreeze works well enough, I don't know but have heard that it doesn't, especially in not fully closed systems. Perhaps it's the high freq problem, perhaps not. Another difference between an auto cooling system and the torch cooler is that in the first, the whole system gets well above the normal boiling point of water whereas none of the fluid should get near that point with a torch system. Thus, I'd assume growth of organisms in the first is stopped while it might actually be promoted by the heat in the second, requiring better 'disinfecting' agents for the torch coolant.

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    Re: Torch water cooler fluid?

    Thanks for your replies; I think I will try a combination of reverse osmoses water from my home drinking water system and enough automotive antifreeze to keep it from freezing, (in Florida not a huge problem) and some water wetter. I love Water Wetter; I have used it for years in my circle track late model. If I have a problem I will be sure to let you guys know. I will try this in the name of research for everyone like me that have wondered but, have been hesitant to try it. It may take years to know just how it works.

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    Re: Torch water cooler fluid?

    not to hijack, but how often should build be changed?

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