Anyone make their own lockable gun rack?
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    Anyone make their own lockable gun rack?

    I'm looking to build a wall mouted gun rack. I have an idea in mind but thought I'd ask to see some pictures of any that you guys may have built. Seems like I always think up a better design for my projects AFTER I've built them.
    Looking for one that will hold about 10 long guns of various lenghts. Not looking for theft proof, just theft resistant and neice and nephew proof.
    Thanks in advance
    Safety 3rd

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    Re: Anyone make their own lockable gun rack?

    The simplest one I've seen is simply a length of coated aircraft cable with swaged ends that's run thru the trigger guards, fixed at one end and lockable at the other. The top had a horizontal brace with holes thru which the barrels were passed. The tension on the cable prevent the guns from moving out much with it installed, and the top brace means the guns have to be slid out the bottom to be removed

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