Linde HDA 300.. best way to test it out.. ?
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    Linde HDA 300.. best way to test it out.. ?

    Howdy all,

    I just bough an old Linde - Union Carbide HDA-300 Tig welder for super cheap.. It came on a large water cooling cart with pump, but has no leads, foot pedal or torch with it.

    My question is: Is there any way to test weather it works with out buying some/all of those items? I know i can get my money back, and then some, for scrap value so I'd rather not buy too much for it until im sure its works, or is reasonably repairable..

    I have done some searching around and have found the original manual for it, which is somewhat helpful.. Also, from what i read It sounds like sourcing a compatible foot control for it will be difficult.. But thought i'd post for some extra advice.

    I do have a friend i can borrow stick welding leads from, for testing purposes, and possible a bottle of Argon, but i dont believe he does any Tig work to borrow a torch from..

    I have no experience with TIG welding specifically but do have a understanding of the process..

    Any thoughts or advice greatly appreciated, thanks.


    here is picture of the machine in question (not mine, took it form another post) :

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    On my phone so pic is small. Should be able to switch to tig, switch to panel or local and put a jumper in the 2 slot side of the remote contactor plugs. Use stick leads and see if she will spark. Hf switch to on and you should hear the points with the jumper in. Cool old machine, bet it welds good. As far as a pedal, check your manual for resistance value. I think this pedal will work. C890-0625 from ssc controls.
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    Here, let me Google that for you...

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    Re: Linde HDA 300.. best way to test it out.. ?

    Thanks for the reply, The foot control has 4 prong twist-lock like plug so i dont think that one will work. Unfortunately the manual doesn't list any resistance values for it either, atleast that i can find on my first read through..

    I haven't had a chance to get power to it yet, but will post an update when i do..

    Here are the links for the 3 original Linde references i could find for it, incase anyone wants to check them out, or is in need of them in the future :
    Google Search for: site: linde hda

    Thanks in advance for any other advice for once i get some power to her..

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