Hydraulic press w/plates and brake attachment
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    Hydraulic press w/plates and brake attachment

    I have needed and wanted a press for some time, so I finally got off my *** and put this one together.

    The frame was built out of 4" channel, as were the top and bottom cross beams.The carriage height adjustment holes are 7/8"diameter on 5" centers.The carriage pins are
    made of 3/4"diameter cold rolled round stock,with large washers welded at one end,to act as stops.The carriage
    itself, is made of 5" channel with 4" channel spacers.
    The jack cradle is another piece of 4" channel.The jack
    is a 12ton model.I believe from harbor freight.
    The verticle cradle supports are 1"diameter axle shafts
    from a garden tractor,cut to 12" in length.I drilled holes
    in the cradle and turned the ends of the supports down
    to 3/4"diameter,with a1/4" shoulder height.This allowed
    me to weld them on both top and bottom of the cradle.
    The tubing these slide in,is just some scrap I had on hand.
    The upper crossbeam is made from two pieces of channel,with a piece of 1/2"x8"flat stock running the whole
    width and depth on the bottom of the crossbeam.There is a small piece of 1 1/2"square tubing welded in place to
    locate the top of thejack.In between the two upper crossbeams, there are two small pieces of 4"channel welded on center,in the shape of an " ][ " beam.
    The feet are made of two pieces of 3"x3"x1/4"angle,
    24"long.The main frame is bolted with 3/4" grade8 bolts
    and lock nuts,as well as welded with 7018 rod with my
    Lincoln buzz box.The springs and eye bolts were found
    at a local surplus store.

    Press plates: I purchased a piece of 1" thick by 2` square
    plate from a locale scrap yard.I then marked out two 8"x8"
    squares,along with the triangles and half round shapes with my torch.The plates were then cleaned up with an angle grinder and a flapper wheel.

    The brake attachment: Suprizingly it works pretty damn
    well.It consists of a piece of 1/2"x8"flat for a base,a piece
    of 2"x2"x3/8"angle for the bottom die,along with two pieces
    of 1 1/4x1 1/4x1/4 angle for support.
    The top half consists of a piece of2x2x1/4 angle with a
    piece of 2" solid square stock,centered and welded in
    the "V". There is a 3" long piece of 1 1/2"id tube welded
    on center of the 2" solid square.There is another piece of
    tube welded to the bottom of the cradle,on the jack center line.This allows the use of differant length attachments.They get held in place by 3/8" set screws.

    To date,I have been able to bend 1/2"x2" mild flat stock
    with no problems.I have also used it to bend 3/8"x6" mild
    flat stock to 90* easily.I`ve seen very little,ifany,deflection
    when doing this.

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    Re: Hydraulic press w/plates and brake attachment

    Nice work on the press.

    This one doesn't "vibrate", right!!??

    - Paul

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    Re: Hydraulic press w/plates and brake attachment

    Looks good. I hope you "over engineered" it though. Presses can be a dangerous piece of equipment if the setup is not stable. I've seen stuff come out of these and just about kill someone when a dummy didn't know what he was doing. I'm sure that you do or it wouldn't look so stout.
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    Re: Hydraulic press w/plates and brake attachment

    good work on the break attachment, I've been considering building one of those for the press I have but wasn't sure if it would even work

    you got me all excited now!
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    Re: Hydraulic press w/plates and brake attachment

    Good work Rob,

    I don't think presses get enough praise because they set idle so much.

    They are another tool where the results are product of the jig(s).

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    Re: Hydraulic press w/plates and brake attachment

    That's really nice. Good work. I especially like the brake. I already have a Post Tools 20 ton (so they say) press. I will certainly consider making a brake like yours.

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    Re: Hydraulic press w/plates and brake attachment

    Thanks for the kind words. I`me very happy with the results myself.

    when it warms back up, i`ll give it a nice paint job, so it looks better.
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    Re: Hydraulic press w/plates and brake attachment

    Nice job Rob! Did you bend the 1/2" X 2 stock to 90* ? I would have thought it would take more tonage to do those bends. Can you get true 90 deg bends using angle as the press die ? I would think you would get a little spring back, so you would need more than a 90 deg die to make a 90 deg bend, particularly in heavy stock. I love you press ! Really nice work !
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    Re: Hydraulic press w/plates and brake attachment


    I've heated thicker parts first then put in press and they bend alot easier.

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