Air filter on Sa200
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    Air filter on Sa200

    I was wondering what yalls opnion was on the regular oil bath filter vs a K&N air filter. Is the K&N any better.

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    Re: Air filter on Sa200

    This has been a topic of discussion here on a number of occassions and you'll hear from some that swear by K&N. In fact, if you believe the K&N ads you'd think clamping one on will make a Top Fuel machine out of that Read Seal. Personally, although I'm not actually against paper or other media filters, I prefer the original oil bath for a couple reasons.

    The key to a properly functioning oil bath is maintaining proper oil level. Too high and excessive oil can carry up into the mesh material causing an air restriction or worse, pull oil into the intake. Too low and the filter can allow dirt to pass through to the engine.

    Oil bath cleaners have been protecting engines for decades in some of the dirtiest conditions and the biggest appeal to paper or other non-oil bath type filters is convenience. In fact, paper filters actually become more effective (better filtration) although less efficient (flow less air) as they get dirtier unlike oil bath filters that remain virtually consistent between servicing.

    With an exposed paper element such as the typical clamp-on K&N or other brands, waterlogging is a concern that can adversely affect engine operation and cause flooding or at least a running rich condition. No doubt the possibility of this condition occurring is slight but can and does still happen.

    For me, I'm fine with and prefer the original oil bath of the SA200.
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    Re: Air filter on Sa200

    thanks for your input

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    Re: Air filter on Sa200

    I would make the K&N the last choice for a machine that sees dusty conditions. I've got an SA200 out for a rebuild right now and am switching the oil bath with the Donaldson air filter system that Hybriweld sells. Most modern heavy equipment that I'm around uses Donaldson as their filtration system, and I'm a big fan. I don't expect to pick up any power - it's about engine life in severe conditions.

    I would keep the oil bath before I put a K&N on, or any other open-element filter.
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