AC aluminum Tig with trailblazer 302?
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    AC aluminum Tig with trailblazer 302?

    Hey guys I'm in the market for a engine driven welder for my new welding rig but I'm also looking to get into aluminum tig with an inverter, however my miller CST 280 is pretty new and my local distributor won't give me a very good price to trade it in for a dynasty.

    I'm curious if anyone has tried AC Tig with their trailblazer 302s. Miller claim it welds AC TIG "very good", but the rest of the processes it claims to weld 'excellent'.

    I have a few Tig projects coming down the pipeline but more importantly I need an engine welder for my new truck, I'm wondering if I will be able to kill 2 birds with the same stone here..
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    Re: AC aluminum Tig with trailblazer 302?

    I have a trailblazer and a H251-D high frequ..... they run very well....

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    Re: AC aluminum Tig with trailblazer 302?

    runs like a champ with the hf251d, mine is an older model, but the trailblazer is only 8 mos old.
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    Re: AC aluminum Tig with trailblazer 302?

    I have a Trailblazer 350 diesel. With the HF box, you can make great welds. I would imagine that Miller says "good" not "excellent" because of the lack of gages on the box (digital or other). "Accurate" repeatability may be hard. I don't know to what degree of accuracy you need.Are you following specific weld procedures? It is a tough unit and 100% duty cycle @250amps.

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    Re: AC aluminum Tig with trailblazer 302?

    I use the 302 Trailblazer with the H.f. Box for A.C. Aluminum.
    Seems to be a good investment.


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    Re: AC aluminum Tig with trailblazer 302?

    My 301 welds aluminum like a dream.
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