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  1. Longevity Brand (Off brand plasma question)
  2. Wedling Helmets and Other Safety Gear
  3. Longevity Super 160P Inverter, JUNK, DOA, and no reply to my request"S" for help.
  4. Just got my Longevity 160P today.
  5. My chinese experience so far
  6. Introduction
  7. Longevity LS160P
  8. Longevity Plasma Cutter and Welder Giveaway Plus $500 cash prize!
  9. WeldMax lc-416d welder with plasma cutter review
  10. 140 Amp Machine on the Way!
  11. Longevity logo cutout with LS160P and CNC
  12. Longevity questions/suggestions
  13. a new owner of weld max 416d
  14. torch compatibility?
  15. PLASMA CUTTERS, TIG and Arc WELDERS NOW AFORDABLE! Special Welding Web Prices!
  16. My logo contest entry
  17. Longevity Weldpro LS-160P Plasma Cutter Welder logo cutout video
  18. How I do accurate plasma cutting (demo'd using Longevity logo contest entry)
  19. Longevity Website and Other MFG Info
  20. Deleted Posts and Longevity Sub Forum Rules
  21. Postings
  22. Longevity 60A plasma non contact start mod.
  23. First real CNC Plasma part.
  24. New LC416D Multi machine
  25. Nobs, nobs, everywhere!
  26. Looking into learning TIG!
  27. My new LP-40D
  28. Longevity and home built CNC plasma cut.
  29. Another CNC plasma cutout
  30. TIG foot control CT518D
  31. Which welder is right for me ?
  32. New to welding
  33. New Longevity LS160P cut using home CNC
  34. NEW PRODUCT Longevity Force Cut LP 80D plasma cutter
  35. 1 inch severance cut with Longevity Force Cut LP80d
  36. Great Customer Support & Communication
  37. Missouri State Mascot welded with the Longevity WeldMate LT-200D Tig Welder
  38. AFR-200 Regulator on Force Cut 80amp Plasma Cutter
  39. No sales at eBay?
  40. Consumable Comparison 1st Burn-in
  41. FREE LONGEVITY ForceCut 40AMP Plasma Cutter Contest!
  42. 6 month report.
  43. Marketing Idea
  44. Received my 50A plasma cutter
  45. Arc Starting Technology
  46. Motorcycle 11 inch cutout
  47. Got mine!
  48. Strange E-mail
  49. Got My 200P tuesday so far......
  50. Advice needed
  51. Power source question about 200P
  52. LP-60 Plasma Cutter
  53. Update on my Force Cut LP80D
  54. Longevity Force Cut LP80D CNC cutout today.
  55. NEW LONGEVITY WeldMate M200 200AMP IGBT Portable Mig Welder with Spool Gun
  56. Longevity Weld Pro 160 and 200 Plasma Pilot Arc demo
  57. A little help please
  58. Would this compressor work well with the 50D?
  59. Longevity Helmets
  60. Longevity auto dark helmet video.
  61. How do I get the WW price on a plasma cutter?
  62. Cord Length on Plasma Cutter 40D?
  63. Longevity auto dark helmet review
  64. Pre-use questions
  65. just got my wled max 40 and have concerns
  66. Small project for a friend
  67. Bad Luck?
  68. LP40D Voltage Question
  69. My new toy - LP-40D
  70. LP-40D first use and photos
  71. Longevity vs ...?
  72. Question about 3 in 1 controls
  73. longevity cut-40d 1 year warranty is a joke!!!!!!!!!!
  74. NEW Longevity Pilot Arc Plasma Cutters
  75. new cover....
  76. Product Test Offer
  77. +CONTEST+ LONGEVITY ForceCut LP-40D Pilot Arc Plasma Cutter
  78. My new LP40D Pilot Arc
  79. Arrival of test unit
  81. Ls-160p
  82. Longevity LP80 plasma cutter
  83. pilot arc 40 or 50 plasma cutter
  84. WIN A LONGEVITY ArcMate M200 200AMP MIG/STICK WELDER! 4/2/2009 contest
  85. Which Tungsten for the LS 160P
  86. Any update on New Manuals
  87. Longevity 60 amp Test Pictures & Result
  88. Longevity Compares to Powermax 45 ?????
  89. Anyone have a LW-200 ?
  90. LP-40D input amps & wiring
  91. Thoughts on my new lp-40d pilot arc
  92. lp 40d impressions (from a newbie)
  93. Hissing sound
  94. 40D plasma review
  95. Ordered and Received a 416
  96. Thin metal cutting
  97. New LS-160 experiences [Long]
  98. 3 n 1 Demo
  99. Max depth cut test ForceCut 80
  100. Longevity IGBT Plasma Cutters, Welders, and Combination Units
  101. Does anyone have an ArcMate M200
  102. New color casing - longevity changes from blue to black!
  103. Longevity ACDC Tig...
  104. Longevity WeldAll 200PI IGBT Plasma Cutter/Welder Demo
  105. New welder on the way
  106. Still non working units LP50D, LC518D, LDG-6500ATS
  107. Pilot Arc torch mod?
  108. Weld all 160p VS Weld all 160pi
  109. 20% Discount for all Welding Web members!
  110. WeldAll LS-200PI Review with Pics
  111. Free longevity weldall 200pi igbt welder plasma cutter
  112. Reviews on youtube from IKE on our LONGEVITY Welder
  113. Please send me a PM
  115. 1/2" Aluminum Cut from WeldAll 200PI Plasma Cutter
  116. Tried out my new 160PI today
  117. standard type consumables?
  118. Weldingweb Holiday Special on Plasma Cutters and Welders from LONGEVITY!
  119. Happy Holidays from LONGEVITY
  120. Bronze Bear and Harriet Tubman Statue Welded with LONGEVITY TIG Welder
  121. 50 amp plasma
  122. Longevity cnc router forcecut 80 circle cuts
  123. SS solar panel structure
  124. where to get 50amp consumables
  125. Longevity January Special on Welding and Cutting Equipment!
  126. Metal Art Fabricator, Jim Hill Uses LONGEVITY WELDING EQUIPMENT!
  127. tig alum
  128. Connecting all functions at once tig plasma stick - fabrication in progress
  129. WeldAll 200PI Contest Winner Announced
  130. Canadian 160PI or 200PI owners?
  131. LONGEVITY February WeldingWeb Special! Great Deals!
  132. Plasma cut notches on SS
  133. got my LS-200pi hooked up
  134. 3n1 or 4n1
  135. Finally placed my order
  136. Long term review: LP 50D
  137. private message sent
  138. Pilot arc
  139. LONGEVITY March Weldingweb Specials! Great Deals!
  140. Amp Draw weld all 250pi ?
  141. Can't Decide Whether to Buy Longevity or Domestic
  142. Needs a moderator
  143. Longevity April weldingweb specials! Great deals!
  144. Longevity Site Forum
  145. 160PI review
  146. Arcmate LW-200AC/DC any users of this ????
  147. LONGEVITY May WeldingWeb Specials! Great Deals!
  148. Welding Clamp Solutions
  149. Tig Welder Cart for AC/DC LS200PI Tig/Plasma/Smaw Unit
  150. Plasma Cutter Roller Guide
  151. 2010 LONGEVITY IGBT Plasma Cutter Tig Stick Welders
  152. Longevity Multifunction Plasma Cuts
  153. Your review of WeldMax LC-520D
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  155. hp 30 and cutting expanded metal?
  156. WIN a 2010 LONGEVITY WeldAll 200PI Plasma Cutter Welder
  157. Review on this company and it's products
  158. NEW 2010 110V/220V 160AMP MIG with NEW SPOOL GUN DESIGN.
  159. LONGEVITY 2010 ArcMate 205 IGBT MIG Welder with New Spool Gun Design
  161. THEY ARE HERE! Our 2010 Models Have Arrived
  162. LONGEVITY July weldingweb Specials! New Product!!!
  163. LONGEVITY Racing
  164. LONGEVITY 20% Off Today - Tuesday 8/17/2010
  165. DRAG Racer Frame by Michael with LONGEVITY WeldAll 160pi
  166. Longevity Gas Lense Conversion Cost
  167. LONGEVITY September WELDINGWEB Specials! Great Deals!!!
  168. WINNER! LONGEVITY Drawing/Contest Winner
  169. WINNER! LONGEVITY Drawing/Contest Winner 8 31 2010 WeldAll 200pi + Elite Helmet
  170. Arcmate lw 200 VS Weldall 200pi
  171. Throwdown thread
  173. Longevity 200PI CNC Plasma cuts
  174. TorchMate Approved! LONGEVITY Cutters on TorchMate CNC Machines
  175. Any Arcmate reviews?
  176. 20% Discount from 10/6 to 10/10 Free Shipping
  177. LONGEVITY P80 CNC Torch
  178. NEW Wheel Spacer S45/SG55/P80 Torches
  179. Fabtech 2010 Booth 7508
  180. LONGEVITY ForceCut 50i on a PlasmaCam CNC Table
  181. Photos from Fabtech 2010 LONGEVITY Booth
  182. first cuts on new longevity 60i
  183. Any novemeber specials?
  184. Sale sale sale! Big savings
  185. Just ordered my first Longevity today
  186. LONGEVITY Black Friday Thanksgiving Specials! HAVE FUN!
  187. Happy Thanksgiving 2010 from LONGEVITY
  188. WeldAll 250PI vs TigWeld 250
  189. Lee Stamper on local TV interview about his new shop LSD
  190. Shipping/Purchasing in Western Canada?
  191. L m/n conversion
  192. Please Note: Sponsored Forum
  193. 2011
  194. Air Valve stuck in on position
  195. WeldAll (ACDC TIG, STICK, PLASMA Cutter) Forum - Ask Questions about our MultiProcess
  196. PlasmaPro & ForceCut Plasma Cutters - Ask Questions about our Plasmas Here.
  197. LONGEVITY MIGWELD 250P Contest Ends Today!
  198. LONGEVITY January 2011 Weling Web Specials! Great Deals!
  199. Hello all
  200. Winner! Longevity migweld 250p pulse 250amp mig welder
  201. LONGEVITY February 2011 Welding Web Specials! Great Deals!
  202. Wow, this is Service!!!
  203. Cool Video from a customer! Thanks Steve!
  204. Hello all.
  205. Lee Stamper
  206. From stan of SICFab
  207. Customer Questions about Ads and Welding Web
  208. New Product Arrived including the new TIGWELD 200DX
  209. cold forming using a ring die and hammer
  210. homemade scrolling dies
  211. longevity forcecut 80i
  212. StickWeld 140 AMP Stick Welder IGBT Technology Dual Voltage 110v/220v
  213. longevity site defunct?
  214. Longevity StickWeld 250 or Everlast PowerARC 200
  215. LONGEVITY March 2011 Welding Web Specials! Great Deals!
  216. longevity 200pi cast aluminum oil pan
  217. old skool ornamental
  218. LONGEVITY introducing our New TigWeld 200 DX AC/DC and TigWeld 200D Dual Voltage DC
  219. Bernard Q300 Mig Gun Hooked up to the LONGEVITY MigWeld 250P
  220. Drag Race Car build with LONGEVITY 160pi
  221. typical workday
  222. Tigweld 200D DC Tig Welder
  223. LONGEVITY April 2011 Plasma Cutter Specials
  224. Longevity Models?
  225. My longevity plasma experience...Not good...
  226. New Longevity Plasma Cutter Ordered
  227. Question about my new Tig Weld 200D I just received.
  228. site status
  229. ArcMate 205P Inverter Pulse Mig Welder
  230. Problem again with Second Tig Weld 200D
  231. freeweldingforum.com Contest to win a new welding unit
  232. Disposible plasma cutters
  233. 40i tips and electrodes..
  234. 200DX Gas Quick disconnect?
  235. Plasma pro 100 3 phase plasma cutter
  236. LONGEVITY CNC featured on Garage Customs
  237. Arcmate 160D 160 Amp IGBT Mig Welder/Stick Welder
  238. LS-200P Schematic?
  239. TIGWELD 200 DX Setup on Garage Customs with Tim Robel
  240. New Weldall 256pi - Plasma issue
  241. NEW! StickWeld 250 E6010 DC Stick Arc Welder 60% Duty Cycle
  242. TorchMate (Robotics, Inc) Acquired by Lincoln Electric
  243. New Dual Voltage Forcecut 40i and 50i's in stock!!!
  244. New Shipment Arrived!
  245. Tig won't start
  246. tig torch question
  247. New Pricing for our Forcecut 40D and 50D Plasma Cutters
  248. S45 Plasma Spacer
  249. MicroTIG 200 Digital Synergistic 200 AMP AC DC PULSE TIG STICK WELDER
  250. LONGEVITY Flex Head TIG torch with Finger Amps Control