View Full Version : Lincoln 215 >> Millermatic 210 ?

06-23-2004, 08:26 PM
I thought the Millermatic 210 had the better "build" than the Lincoln:

------------------------------from arcdawg
miller makes good quality machines as does lincoln, i have run lincoln migs, miller migs, miller tigs and lincoln tigs... i have only ever run miller engine drives and i think that they are very good machines, and as far as lincoln goes (my opinion) is that they cut corners with the build quality of their machines. where when i run any miller machine i feel that it wont let me down, built tougher but miller is defentily loosing out ie that new 185 tig that lincoln has...... and the POWERMIG 300 IS A WELDERS DREAM....IF I ONLY HAD THE $$$$$$$$$$$

I just got this in from another BBS:

dont get the 210...after looking at welders for a while, welding for a while, and going to buy a welder today....get the lincoln 210. it is build more sturdy than the miller, the auto wire feed for starting new spools is sick, and the internals a really ruged. also, the angle of the gun cable output from inside the welder is at an angle..not straight out..this helps put less stress on the cable and the internals of that cable thus giving ita longer life. go to a welding shop and look at the differences. it is actually pretty big. everything on the lincoln is just build stronger/better. as far as duty cycles..unless u are welding with it all day everyday at really high settings(u probably wont unless its for a welding buisness and the material is pretty thick) then you wont exceed the duty cycle on either one.

I hear that the Miller 210 has a better gun, & that it will do Aluminum welding w/o extra $$ for accessories (like the Lincoln 215). That would be important to me, since I want to do Al welding. I like the fact that the Lincoln 215 has a 120v accessory, that's really convenient (like for a grinder). I also hear that the Lincoln accessories are far cheaper than the equivalent Miller ones. (you can get them at the local Home Depot or Lowes, at odd hours? With Miller, you have to wait until the welding supply place opens up on Monday).

The above 2 posts seem to contradict each other, one is claiming the other does not have the better "build".

There is the issue of wire-speed automation by the Miller, vs the Lincoln's 2 parameter (wire speed & current) control..more flexible? Miller is superior in terms of customer-service.

So, it's not a clear cut choice. I'm leaning towards Lincoln 215 in terms of performance...the Miller 210 in terms of "stability".

John C
06-24-2004, 06:31 AM
I have a Lincoln 215 & the gun is compatable with a Tweco. I Like the drive roll system alot better than Miller.

big rig guy
06-26-2004, 09:15 AM
Have had my Powermig 200 with the spool gun for a little over three years now, never a fart out of it. Last week I welded a floor into a aluminum dump trailer, including side walls, 1/4 thickness, took 45 hours, three bottles of argon and 26 one pounds rolls of wire. Never shut down overheated etc. just purred along.

I did go and price out the 300 this week, its a little pricey right now for me though.

Have not been on for awhile here at welding web, gone camping for the summer, no internet service there, got to catch up on saturdays at work when the boss is not looking lol.