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12-22-2008, 11:14 AM
I've got a Lincoln 300D on a factory heavy duty trailer that I bought about a year ago. I was thinking the other night that I'd like to get a storage box and a bottle rack on the trailer, but the only way I can see to do it would be to re-position the welder. I can't really afford a new trailer right now, and I've got most of the material I think I'd need already on hand...

The trailer has some additional load capacity, according to the manufacturer's nameplate.
Right now the welder is inline with the trailer tongue, with the mass centered over the axle.
I was thinking it would be possible to turn the welder 90 degrees, and raise it up about 8", to mount it directly overtop the axle, parallel to the axle. It would overhang the wheels by about 3" on each side, but is still narrower than my truck.

this would give me a space in front of the axle for a storage box and one behind it for a bottle rack. I was thinking that the raised deck could be done wiht 3"x3"x1/4" angle iron, and 1/4" diamondplate, or maybe expanded metal. Some fenders would keep the spray from the tires down.

I know doing all this raises the center of gravity for the trailer, and makes the welder into an 'aerodynamic anchor'. I don't think these are fatal flaws. Can anyone else think of good reasons this won't work or shouldn't be done?

12-22-2008, 01:27 PM
I think the raising of the center of gravity that much would be a bit scary. If you do decide to go ahead I'd be sure that anything you add is not as high, I.E. bottles, toolbox etc.
When you say raised deck you mean as a work platform or a deck to mount the machine to? If you meant the latter, there'd be no need of a deck, a framework to support the welder is all you'd need. You're gonna gain some hauling space under the machine for hauling stock around as well, only 5" under the 3 x 3 angle and as wide as the space left over from the bottles and toolbox but better than nothing.
IMHO I think you'd be better off using the running gear and building one from scratch. There was a nice one posted here but be damned if Ican find it now.....MIke

12-22-2008, 02:20 PM
Thanks Mike,

I was only considering raising the welder, and only as much as needed to clear the tires and leave some suspension travel. The bottle rack and toolbox could be flush with the existing trailer frame, or even dropped down inside the frame to offset the effect of raising the C.o.G. I'd also toyed with the notion of using a level deck, and putting in a drawer under the elevated welder and deck, for storing cables, stingers, ground clamps, etc...