View Full Version : New Stickmate LX AC/DC followed me home.

07-29-2005, 10:29 AM
I wanted a new buzz box so I did not have to fire up the Ranger everytime I wanted to do a little stick welding and the Stickmate looked like it will fit the bill. I shopped hard locally for new and used welders and on the internet and ebay and ended up driving 35 miles to the Tractor Supply Store to buy the Stickmate for $385 plus tax. A straight AC machine probably would have done me but I have traditionally used DC so dangit that is what I wanted. I could have bought the similiar Miller locally for $75 more money but I did not see any advantage in that.

I am not used to these little stick machines and the #4 leads sure look small compared to the 1/0 and 2/0 I usually drag around but the chart says they are good to 150 amp at 100' combined stinger and ground lead length so I should be good to go. I have another 25' of lead and a couple sets of tweco connectors coming and I plan on cutting the stinger about a foot out of the box and installing a coupler so I can add the 25' extension lead as needed.

Got to thinking about a running gear for the little box and remembered an old high wheel mower deck out in the scrap pile I picked up a looong time ago from the side of the road. I measured it up and after cutting the deck and front wheels off and welding in a caster under the front it should make a swell little cart.

I have a heavy 8 guage extension cord I made up for my Lincoln SP 200 to get it closer to the work and it should work fine on the little Hobart as they both have the same plug.

I am slowly expanding my welding equipment and have several projects in mind. Just recently I have bought the Stickmate and a new Miller 375 plasma cutter and am looking forward to getting some use out of both. I have several trailers to modify and want to build a 6'8" by 12' tandum axle utility trailer as well as a 18' medium duty goose neck.

10-05-2005, 04:55 PM
had one follow me home today too.....didnt think tsc would ever have a 10% off day and came today...got a 180from them ..you cant beat ther prices