View Full Version : Old Hobart welder

08-13-2009, 10:46 PM
Called this dude who had a ad in the local trading post wanting to sell a old hobart stick welder/generator that weights he says about 1500 lbs and is big,I haven't seen it yet,but would anyone have maybe a clue what it might be or even a pic? He says it works and he wants to get rid of it,he's asking $300 for it.

08-13-2009, 11:31 PM
Hello GiddyWelder, you said: welder/generator, that could be a motor driven welder/generator machine meaning it is driven by a gasoline/diesel engine, possibly. Hobart made a great number of different types and models of these, they really were pretty decent welders, yet as most of the older units go, they had weight and size as part of their prescription for performance. Another possibibility could follow this line: some of Hobart's and others machines were considered to be motor/generators meaning that they had fairly sizeable electric motors that drove the generator portions of the welder to produce welding current. Most of these machines were typically 3 phase units and not generally suited for home use. I believe the smaller versions of these started out with 10 hp or more 3 phase motors so a phase converter would generally be cost prohibitive and even if you could find one suitable, your electric bill would likely get you a place sharing your pets doghose when the electrical bill came due. Just a shot in the dark concerning the description you have given above. If you can call this person up and try to get some more information and share it with us. Best regards, Allan

09-23-2009, 06:08 PM
SOunds kinda like what I picked up, I have a G-400, the 400 is driven by an inline slant 6 chrysler H225, and yes it weighs in at just under 1800lbs, mostly in the 3+ foot generator and slant 6 but anywhoo, I hvae a post up looking for info on mine and pics will be up tonight