View Full Version : Bought an old Hobart "Handler" at auction

09-05-2009, 04:51 PM
paid $100 for it, but it is non-op. The wire feed is not working. I havent tried welding with it yet because I want to get the wire to feed for obvious reasons. I checked the power to the feed motor and there is nothing there. The fuse is fine, and the internal 10ohm resistor is also fine.

Does anyone have a manual for one of these "Handler" models? There is no "120" or other number after the "Handler" name, so I am guessing this is pretty old. The case is all black plastic and it has a side door to access the wire spool, etc.

It is a DC MIG, single phase, 24 line amps, 90amp output (weld) amps.

The "Spec." is 6969, and the serial number is 88WS12163.

Any advice as to how to diagnose this further, or the manual, would be awesome!

09-06-2009, 08:10 PM
Black plastic case... are you sure it's not a Hobart Hefty wire feeder?

Does it have a 110 volt power cord comming out the back of it with a house plug (5-15) on it, or does it have a heavy thick copper cable comming out the back of it? Is there a transformer and rectifier inside the case or just a wire feed mechanism and feed motor?

If it has a heavy thick single cable on the back and no transfomer and rectifier inside, it's a wire feeder, not a mig welder, and is not useful without a welding machine to connect it to, but is worth a fair amount of money to someone who has a welding power source to use it with.

If it is an actual mig welder, then you may want to first check that the gun trigger is working and the there is a complete circuit from machine to gun trigger and back to the machine with the trigger closed.

09-06-2009, 10:05 PM
If you could post a photo of it , and the inside with the cover off, maybe some one would have an idea.
Trouble shooting one of the little things , should not be too hard.

08-29-2011, 09:36 PM
Think I just picked up the same old buzz box. Mine has 110vac, gas connection in rear, Opening the door the spool was to the left mounted horizontally (laying down), DC connections to the right of the spool and contacts for the gun to the right of the DC. The gun contact are push on plugs. If this is your machine then I can probably help more.

I agree with the previous post that it is most likely the switch but if you can send a photo to confirm if mine is the same then I can probably help you more and test some things. It is probably a NO (normally open switch) so shorting those contacts (the gun contacts inside the box) would probably make the wire feed but I would have to check mine with a continuity tester to confirm etc. what happens when the trigger is engaged first so you don't blow anything up, get shocked etc. I believe the max thickness inside on the chart is 3/16". Probably the same machine but please confirm.

It is probably one of the original machines. Real nice bead for a 110vac welder but that is with gas and not flux core.