View Full Version : Hypertherm Powermax 30 First Impressions

01-16-2011, 01:25 AM
Today I got to 'tryout' my new Powermax 30 unit. I had purchased it after I had problems with the 'borrowed' older plasma cutter from a friend and decided the borrowed unit just wouldn't cut it... no pun :rolleyes:. I had to fallback to my Sawzall and 4 1/2" grinder w/ Cutoff discs to get things moving along but that's OK.. they have their purpose. Anyway,.. cutting up floor and front end off of drag race car to upgrade to Struts. This will sound like a commercial but that little Powermax was just amazing in performance and ease of use. I figured on all afternoon after the earlier experience but I was done cutting out frame stiffeners, floorboard sections and a host of crossmember stuff in less than 60 minutes. :dizzy: I texted my other friend who told me "get one of those Powermax 30's and you'll ask yourself.. Why didn't I do this a lot earlier". He was right. :D I'll find a lot more to do with the Powermax 30 now, but unfortunately my Brother In Law wants to borrow it :(

01-16-2011, 09:47 AM
Glad you like the Powermax30....we are pretty proud of that machine. Mine just disapears from my home shop often....seems my buddies like to borrow it as it is so small (the size of a toaster!) and runs of either 120 or 240. It is a little tougher for them to "borrow" my larger units!

It is amazing the amount of cutting power out of that little machine. Mine is almost exclusively used for cutting structural tubing and angle to length...usually 1/4" wall thickness and often at a 45 degree angle....so that is close to 3/8" and usually requires piercing.

Jim Colt