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07-13-2006, 06:39 PM
Ok, so I feel kinda lacking right now...thought I had it all figured out. But, I wired my new 100A sub-panel with 6/4 cu wire, separated the GND and neutral busses and all is fine. I now have my 30A 240V circuit wired up with 10/2 running to the welder outlet. I do not know whether I should run my GND wire from the 10/2 to the GND buss or the neutral buss in the sub-panel. It works either way, but I'm sure there is a more correct way to do it. And I know I've read it somewhere but I've searched and searched and cannot find it! Thanks for your help!!! :help:

07-13-2006, 10:29 PM
The ground wire goes to the ground buss. Is this sub panel in a detached garage or shop? If it is I think you will need a ground rod connected to the ground buss.

07-14-2006, 01:01 AM
Agreed. You will connect the welder's ground wire to the GROUND bus. The NEMA 6 devices have no neutral.

07-14-2006, 06:57 AM
Cool...thanks! It's in an attached garage, so no ground rod. At first I was unsure because I was thinking that I've got this neutral buss with nothing going to it (except the neutral from the main panel of course). Then I remembered that I can also run 120V circuits from this sub-panel, which would use the neutral buss. Brain fart I guess.
Thanks for clearing the smoke!