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08-27-2006, 08:31 AM



Last week, I got the chance to tour a new business incubator facility in my county here in GA. One of the interesting concepts of an incubator is that much of the business facilities are shared (fax, copying, printing, etc.) among several different businesses, thus reducing costs for a new business. This particular incubator has office space for office-type businesses and factory space for more industrial businesses. The factory space comes complete with three phase power and a shared dock. The guy that lead us through the facility said that everyone is charged $12 per sqft per YEAR for office rent...that's a dollar a month per square foot. I didn't ask what the rent was on the factory floor space, though.

The reason I mention this is not to promote this particular facility...it's primarily to let people here know about these types of facilities. Apparently, there are incubators in many areas of the country that are there to promote small to mid-sized businesses. Generally, they are affiliated with a university or a economic development organization (like a chamber of commerce). The idea is to provide support in the startup phase, get the momentum going and then, within a couple of years, move the startup into a facility of its own.

A lot of folks here have asked what it takes to get a business started or are producing a product out of thier garage or home and want to move to the next level. Here is just one example of a route you could take.

Here are some more links in other areas:


Just google "small business incubator," AND "<YOUR STATE>" and you might have one in your area.

01-29-2007, 05:36 PM
This is good of you to point this out.

Ohio State University has a Business Technology Center (BTC). A lot of times the companies there are co-funded by professors who are trying to bring novel ideas to market. Venture capital firms will occassionally tour the BTC to see what's up next.

The way it works is that a company can incubate in the BTC for up to 5 years without generating a profit. After that, they must either dissolve (sometimes to come back under another name) or move on to bigger things.