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03-19-2004, 11:53 AM
Looking for you to give some advice on the Cleaning air tanks thread.

big rig guy
03-19-2004, 05:02 PM
Yes I read that post on cleaning out the air tanks. I guess there is rust in the bottom and the idea is to clean them out to ensure dirt free container?

The prices posted for replacement units seemed quite reasonable and I thought that was the way to go. I had a set of air tanks off a Kenworth years ago that had rusted, replacement at that time was over 200.00 cdn each, so elected to reskin and weld in. I sent this out, to a welding shop at the time. Worked very well.

The welding shop at the time, said exactly this, we don't like to do them this way, but will for me. Basically, if the tank is needing that much work, then replace as new.

Short of cutting off one end cap, cleaning it out and then weld the end cap back on. This would be a last resort option for myself based on cheap replacement cost as quoted and availability.

I would suspect the amount of money your putting into the truck and the restoration, what difference does it make to go the additional money for new tanks. Peace of mind for yourself. Your good to go with all new, no problems etc.