Radiation concerns and 2% Thoriated Tungsten
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    Radiation concerns and 2% Thoriated Tungsten

    Thanks to Wildcat, here is a chart that shows the radiation levels and it's estimated effect on lifespan.

    As Taken from Wildcat's original post:

    Thoriated tungsten measurement is in microrads.

    So to Clarify smoking =8000 milirads
    Thoriated tungsen =1600microrads

    Here are a few stats to compare it to
    8000 milirads = 8 rads
    1600 microrads = .0016 rads
    1 rad = 1 rem

    Comparative risk exposure estimated days of life lost
    20% overweight 985 days
    Average alcohol consumption 130 days
    Occupational radiation exposure@
    5.0 rem/year 32 days
    0.5 rem/year 3 days
    0.0016/year 6.912 minutes

    Therefore if you worked with Thoriated Tungsten for 45 years 5 days a week, 8 hours a day you would loose 5.18 hrs off your life.

    This is assuming all appropriate precations are taken.
    Reference for the data here (accept Thoriated Tungsten, I had to calculate the dose rate myself)is
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