HH 180 feeds weak
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    HH 180 feeds weak

    Loaded my brand new HH180 with an 11 pound spool of .030 solid wire, got it feeding fine. Attached my little felt oiler thing that I used on my Miller MIG, and the Hobart drive wheel just spun on it,, and wouldn't feed at all unless I cranked the pressure all the way down. removed oiler felt, wiped down, seems to work fine, tested feed loop against table, etc. and yes, I was using the right wire lube. Is the Hobart feeder wheel not serrated or something that the Miller is? Did my little Miller Sidekick 90 Amp lay a curse on me for selling it? (It was a teriffic little MIG!). I hope I didn;t make amistake by not buying the MM175...I just kept reading so many good things about the 180, and there was that $90.00 price difference...although I do think the blue color looks better in my garage, which is vital for good welding vibes...we don't want our frequencies to get out of sorts with the welder's now do we???
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    I had the same exact problem with my HH180, and what i found out was if the felt thing has to much lube on it it will not feed, so i got another one and put about 2-3 drops in the center of it and it works just fine now{i spread the felt apart and put 1 drop on each end and 1 in the middle}

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