P/Tron Plasma Cutter?
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    Question P/Tron Plasma Cutter?

    Anybody ever heard of this machine? On the top it says "World Wide Welders, Inc." out of Charlotte, NC.

    Our fabricator at work says that it is junk and can't cut anything over 16ga. and that "you can't get parts for it."

    If this is true, then its true. But - if it isn't, I may be able to get this machine for a song. Is it worth anything? I want to get a plasma machine, and really don't anticipate cutting anything over 1/4".

    Info, anyone?

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    Re: P/Tron Plasma Cutter?

    If it will cut what you want it to then sure it's worth something and especially if you can get it for a song.
    I think you can get World Wide Welders, Inc phone number, call em.
    Check Graig's List too for good local deals.
    What's the most you want to spend?

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    Re: P/Tron Plasma Cutter?

    I had a P-tron 75 plasma cutter years ago. It is an industrial grade machine and for the time they were made was a very expensive machine. I would have to say that your "fabricator" is mistaken- My machine would cut through 3/4" and pierce 1" plate steel with ease. Parts are still available for this machine at http://www.stoodyind.com/Categories/...Suitable+Parts click on page 303 and you will see the consumables for pz-75. I am willing to bet that this 75 amp machine will run circles around any of the china made crap available today. Good luck!

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    Re: P/Tron Plasma Cutter?

    Greetings I have two of these! They are awesome, made in like 1986 by some Japanese company. Mine does water cooled or air cooled. The dude who says it cuts thin only does not know what he is doing. It is a 150 amp machine for TIG/stick/MIG, but cuts at 125 AMPS in plasma mode. It ids red and weight 252# according to data tag. They actually PLASMA WELD which is not common in a machine of this size. They are three phase and my rotary phase converter is a 25 HP old Hobart motor welder. It will run this thing all day, as well as a mega flex 650 if set at 250 amps or so (otherwise breaker blows).
    The guy probably has it set on plasma WELDING and not cutting. 125 amps or cutting power is insane!
    BTW the tungstens in it (there are 6 because it is three phase ) are 10 mm wide and about four inches long. Well built machine and still my favorite. Buy it! You will be glad. I also have the manual with the second one I bought. Gave second welder to Dad and it runs from a 10hp rotary converter all day long, 100% duty cycle.

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    Re: P/Tron Plasma Cutter?

    Oh yeah, and in 1986 the cost was $6000.oo or so.....
    Also it is a P-tron 30 and it works with or without the cool box full of wires that sits on top. All that thing does is allow multiple toches to be hooked up at the same time for fast production without swapping over time being wasted.
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    Re: P/Tron Plasma Cutter?

    We have one of these units that was new and we have never used it because we never had a manual or cable/ hoses to hook up the torch. You said you have a manual for yours. Could we buy a copy of that and do you think i could buy a new cable/hose assembly somewhere? Any info would be a great help.

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    Re: P/Tron Plasma Cutter?

    Does anyone out there have a manual for a P-Tron 100 or P-Tron 75?

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