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    Re: Damn cheap a$$ work pants.

    About ten years ago I got a good deal on fire proof steel mill pants and jackets ,heavy cotton they would scorch but not burn through ,I think I payed about $2 each and I got about 20 sets I sold them to other welders for $4 each ,and because they were yellow a lot of guys didn't want them but guts working for the gas company would wear them.Not to highjack this thread with when I was on fire stories I was wearing a frayed cotton shirt , my leather jacket was open and it went up in flames ,I didn't feel the heat but smelled the smoke rapped the leathers close and them I felt the heat, a poly pant story I was up on a ladder on top of a boiler cutting out a beam and my leg was getting hot I though I was to close to a steam pipe Pant leg was in flame and melting .If I hadn't been wearing cotton socks the pants would have stuck to me .

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    Re: Damn cheap a$$ work pants.

    Quote Originally Posted by larphead View Post

    Sitting here nursing a nice little burn on the side of my knee. Kneeing on the floor today scarfing a chunk of junk off a trailer with the torch. Nice hot blob bounces and lands right against these cheap *** polyester blend uniform pants we wear. Instantly melting to my knee.

    I dont get if it's a job or a " career" but if it's a job I'd be all over the owner to get his shiit together as far as PPE. Otherwise sick OSHA on his dumbascz.
    I have more gear than my guys want to wear in the tropics. Their choices.......but anything is available out of my pocket

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    Re: Damn cheap a$$ work pants.

    Tell them you don’t have your welding clothes on today ,will need to do it tomorrow when you have right clothes on

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