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    Re: Math needed for welding

    Quote Originally Posted by Country Metals View Post
    You wouldn't believe how many engineers are completely astonished that I can figure out the size of a blender shaft with a piece of wire. Obviously there is a margin of error due to standard is metric sizing, but all I do is run a piece of thin wire, flat baler string, piece of paper etc around a shaft, mark the same spot, flatten it out, measure between the 2 points, divide by pie, and you have your shaft diameter.... Now this method is very very accurate because 1/16" off actually measures .196" between points. Obviously it won't do thousandths, but if you need to know if it is 3 15/16" or 4" shaft. 3 15/16 would measure 12.37" and 4" would measure 12.566" so huge gap for to guess the correct measurement.

    This comes in handy when your calipers or special shaft measuring device is 20 minutes away and down 3 stories.

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    The logging diameter tape, also called a DBH tape (diameter at breast height) does the computation for you.

    It is marked with the diameter measurements when wrapped around the tree.

    Way too easy though
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    Re: Math needed for welding

    Quote Originally Posted by Blwaz23 View Post
    If I wanted to learn the math for pipe fitting what would be a good source to read or what books would be the best to read?
    2 pieces of good straight angle iron, 4 clamps and go after it.

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