WTB TIG welder, Dallas Ft Worth area
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    WTB TIG welder, Dallas Ft Worth area

    I'm looking to get an AC/DC TIG welder. I prefer Miller or Lincoln.

    I'm looking for something in good shape, the more complete the package, the better. I'm in the Dallas/Ft Worth area, so anywhere in an hour or two driving distance from there will work.


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    Re: WTB TIG welder, Dallas Ft Worth area


    I'm in San Antonio, but have this up for sale. http://sanantonio.craigslist.org/tls/4072173359.html I just don't need the capability and could use a bit of the real estate back in my garage. It is complete and ready to go. I'm very interested in a quality mig machine if you have one, possibly guns or a Miata/MR2 project car. Let me know if you're interested. The email address works in the ad. Thanks, Bryan

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