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    Re: $50/100 rebate. Jackson Balder helmets

    Quote Originally Posted by maxdugan View Post
    I got my rebate in the mail yesterday... they only gave me $50! I assume it was a mistake since the letter attached with the rebate says I'm entitled to $100. Just sent an e-mail to Kimberly Clark, hopefully they fix it soon.
    Got an e-mail back today. They're sending me another $50 no questions asked. Sucks it took so long, but at least they made good on their word.
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    Re: $50/100 rebate. Jackson Balder helmets

    Last I saw, it was about $216 on Amazon.

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    Re: $50/100 rebate. Jackson Balder helmets

    BTW That rebate expired 12-31-2013

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    Re: $50/100 rebate. Jackson Balder helmets

    Woo hoo my rebate arrived today via fedex today, the winter weather slowed it down but it still arrived. Nothing but good thing to say about Kimberly Clarke (Jackson), I emailed and talked to Ms. Lemmon several times to get all my questions answered. Overall happy about the product, them and the rebate of course.
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    Re: $50/100 rebate. Jackson Balder helmets

    Just got mine last week. Don't use it at a gas pump outside. I did and it preauthorized for the whole $100 and now I have to wait another week to get the remaining $76 back Wish they just sent a check instead.

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