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    Re: Welding table picture thread

    I had an issue with my 1/2 inch thick welding/layout table - ended up warping it from too much heat. Short story - in involved too much thinking fluid being applied to the operators.

    Anyway, I have been looking to upgrade and found this the other day. 1" thick - 49" x 86". 4x6x1/4 legs and 4x4x1/4 angle for the cross members.

    Plate weighs just short of 1200#, it should work for the long haul. I kept the old table so I can run long pieces across the two.

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    Re: Welding table picture thread

    Lighter duty, but only my second complete fab project.

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    Re: Welding table picture thread

    Good work, Toad. I've been thinking about a similar design for a small welding table. Part of my design is to replace the deck of one of those cheap hydraulic lift carts with a top similar to yours. That way I could unload the truck more easily and be able to weld items from all different kinds of positions and heights.

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