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    Re: Blacksmithing tools

    Nice design. Built by a farmer of course

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    Re: Blacksmithing tools

    Quote Originally Posted by BD1 View Post
    they look decent as well.
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    Re: Blacksmithing tools

    Found a mystery tool while cleaning and organizing.

    Name:  IMG_7153.jpg
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    It's not a blacksmith tool, though, as it's clearly machined to very high tolerances. You can just make out lightening holes and slots in the legs of the angle, as well as a clearance hole drilled at the inside juncture.

    Could it be a machinist's custom-made square? Maybe it's a standard for calibrating something?

    Whoever made it sure took a lot of effort to package it so it wouldn't be damaged. That's 1.25" foam and a whole bunch of cellophane wrapping. Even after all this time, there's only a very little bit of corrosion on the thing, and that due to the wrapping being punctured one corner.

    Should I open it? Should I sent it to Abom79 as a mystery gift? I know I don't have any use for something so nicely made.

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    Re: Blacksmithing tools

    Quote Originally Posted by Lis2323 View Post
    Nice design. Built by a farmer of course

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    Of course! I've always thought of my job as more problem solver than farmer. Grain will grow by itself... livestock will reproduce on their own... if you solve all their problems.

    Hey Vaughn, maybe you need to forge that piece and give it a little character and a new purpose in life.
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    Re: Blacksmithing tools

    Ha! No way I could bring myself to forge that angle! I don't know what it was meant for, but it belongs somewhere it'll be appreciated. I'd love to know what it was made for as someone obviously put a lot of time and care into it.

    Watched that mobile vise stand video again, and now I'm hankering to buy one of those Holland swage blocks just so I can make a mobile stand for it and the vise I have. Ugh!

    I do need the vise on a stand so it can be used, but, dang, if things don't keep piling up on me!

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