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    Re: Blacksmithing tools

    Where are you getting the vises?

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    Re: Blacksmithing tools

    Yeah , Vaughn. I have a couple for my drill presses but I NEVER see any come up used.

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    Re: Blacksmithing tools

    Well, in the Great North, they might be scarce. Ebay has them all day long, usually for $30-50, but shipping would be a bear, I'm sure. You can buy them brand new from Northern Tool. Wilton makes them so you can expect to pay at least $70 for the thing. That's the part that killed my plans for marketing them to blacksmiths. Ain't nobody going to pay me $120 to turn them into anvil vises!

    The nice part about drilling and tapping the base is that you can unbolt them from the hardy assembly whenever you like, then put it on when you need it at the anvil.

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