WTB- a used mig welder 170 or higher
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    WTB- a used mig welder 170 or higher

    I am currently looking for a used MIG welder, something that will weld up to 3/8" mild steel plate and that can also be set up to do aluminum jobs. I'm a relatively new certified welder and I need a machine to do jobs at home that will run on single phase.
    - Stephen La France

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    used/ recon welders

    Howdy Howdy! I have a suggestion. You may want to check out Tool King online. They have the whole line of Hobart welders in a reconditioned status and price. Alot of my online friends have purchased them, and have had great success with them. They have the 130, 175, 210, 250 class machines. The 175 class is going for around 450$ I believe. They have 2 different levels, A grade, and B grade. My friends have both grades, and if you don't mind scratches, then the B grade is a better value. That my idea. Brian Lee Sparkeee27

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