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    Re: Blacksmithing and forging

    Quote Originally Posted by psacustomcreations View Post
    ....may be able to make something similar to display their items.

    Funny you should mention that. I was just talking with a young smith about organizing his booth for better marketing/appearance and the boxes were one of those things we talked about. I even found a company up north that makes custom crates like the old crates and will silkscreen your logo on them if you want.

    They have a fine product and I think they'd go well with a smithing demonstration tent. Too few folks don't think about the little details like that.

    Quote Originally Posted by Lis2323 View Post
    And when they sell out they can use the box to carry all the cash home.
    Sadly, I've never needed a box that big.

    Today was a pretty good day in the shop. Five solid hours swinging a hammer or welding stuff. Had a couple guys stop by to get their probing rods fixed so they could do some exploring for bottles and whatnot on the old homestead. Seems like a lot of work, but they enjoyed it and make a few bucks with their finds.

    The probing rod was a neat concept poorly executed. He used a 5' flexible drill bit for the rod, but then tried welding it to a piece of galvanized conduit. Because he kept popping through the super-thin wall on that stuff, he just aded more bead! Looked like some pigeons had been roosting on that thing!

    Got it done better, obviously. Scrapped the conduit and replaced it with a piece of DOM tubing I had. The thicker wall made for a heavier probe, but it also made the whole thing more durable. And I didn't have any of the thin-wall stuff laying around.

    I made a T out of the handle but using an old 1" bolt for the short leg that would accept the drill bit. I had to drill in about an inch, then hammered the probe part home. Used some 6013 rod to hold it all together.

    The only downside is not knowing if the drill rod was corrupted by the heat of the welding. I know the heat-treat was ruined, but I worry that there might be excessive grain growth that'll end up causing a break. That's what happened to his original work.

    He even used his phone to take some video of me welding it up. I don't know if I'll get a copy, but at least the world now has a bit of my sexy self in action!

    Tomorrow...... 30 hooks need forging and mailed before noon or they'll have to wait until Monday's mail. Will it happen? Will I make that deadline?

    With two custom orders and thirty hooks needing done, it's going to be one helluva night in the smithy!

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    Re: Blacksmithing and forging

    The rifle rack is officially done. Can't wait to see that old flintlock resting in it!

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