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    Re: Blacksmithing and forging

    Between work travel and making other projects I have not had a chance to do any smithing so have not contributed lately.
    I am out in Texas for my sons wedding right now and then have to attend some follow on training for work.

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    Re: Blacksmithing and forging

    That decorative thing sucks. The lines are harsh and jumpy even though you can tell them that they were trying to go for something smooth and fluid.

    The table legs have potential, though. I'm not a fan of the chrome/glass aesthetic, but I could see the glass top being preferred if the legs were done in some nice forged iron that had a strong visual presence.

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    Re: Blacksmithing and forging

    The decoration wasn't overly well done... what intrigued me was the continuous loop going both ways. You're right... you could do it better in Damascus...
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    Re: Blacksmithing and forging

    Quote Originally Posted by whtbaron View Post
    ...what intrigued me was the continuous loop going both ways....
    I'd be curious to see how that was done. The only thing I can think is that they started with a flat bar, twisted it 180, and then bent it around. Or maybe it's 90 twist before the bend?

    Either way, I can't see how you'd do that with a section cut from a cylinder because there's definitely a twist in the planes. They'd have had to done a butt-weld and then smoothed the seam prior to plating it.

    As we saw with the door knocker, I'm not the best when it comes to planning things out -- especially when there are weird angles and shapes involved.

    I'd like to borrow that table leg design but the angles and alignments for those little outrigger portions look very troublesome to get just right.

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