Pipefitter Calculator Android and Iphone Apps
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    Pipefitter Calculator Android and Iphone Apps

    I was perusing the Android Play Store last night and I ran across a suite of apps hosted by LMF Services called Pocket Pipe Calculator. It has apps specific to beveled pipe, flanges, notching, general tools, etc. looks like it will give you bevel and notching layout measurements, bend allowances, offset alignment, etc.

    I used to LOVE my Construction Master calculator when doing stairs and rails as it was a GREAT time saver when it came to quick tread length, rise/run/angle, picket spacing calculations, etc.. so I downloaded a few of the apps to check out mainly because the price was cheap and the apps actually look to have some level of usefulness. Especially if you are in the garage or field with limited or no access to a more powerful device and software.. Bear in mind that it is an android/Iphone app and with the limited processing power/functions associated with such devices, it cannot be compared to bend-tech software, CAD or the like, but it actually looks like it could be a fairly useful timesaver in field/shop design/layout work none the less.

    Play Store link with some info on the apps:


    Pipefitter Calculator site:


    I have only just begun tinkering with it this evening and still very much evaluating my opinion on it. Has anybody else used this app and have an opinion on it one way or another?

    Additionally, if you have used ANY Android/Iphone app that you DO like related to metal fabrication in general, I’d love to hear about that as well. IMO, time is time whether it is design, layout, fit-up, welding, grinding/painting, etc.. so any tools to utilize this precious time more wisely surely tickles my fancy.



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    Re: Pipefitter Calculator Android and Iphone Apps

    Hey Niche,
    I'm kinda new to this "app" thing, but found this triangle calc to be easy to use: https://play.google.com/store/apps/d...rig_calc&hl=en

    I had a couple other welding apps, but hardly ever use 'em.
    I know what you mean about the Const. Master calculators, they can be lifesavers. I had the Concrete one till someone thought they wanted it more than me.
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    Re: Pipefitter Calculator Android and Iphone Apps

    You could sink some serious coin into the complete app. Holy cow! There's like $40 worth there! Not too bad if you used it tho
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    Re: Pipefitter Calculator Android and Iphone Apps

    It could be my lame brain, but as a follow-up, this app doesn't seem like the most intuitive app in the world. I am still tinkering with it to see if I can make any use out of it for a cat-back exhaust system for my car, however it might just be easier for me to drop the existing system and model the new with chicken scratch on my note-pad directly from that. Maybe the app would be a better fit for somebody working with high level prints that show overall dimensions, but lack cut details.. I dunno.


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    Re: Pipefitter Calculator Android and Iphone Apps

    I see this is an old thread, I was looking up this app and thought someone was using it. I ended up purchasing the Pipefitter Tools app. Noticed it was far cheaper to get all the apps in one vs buying them separate. Seems to be a good app, though it is not meant for exhaust pipe fabrication as you have in here. Maybe it is... but the buttweld app is designed for buttweld offsets. Possibly the mitered app would work for you. Anyhow, so far it has helped out in the fab shop. Many of the calculations I can do myself but it sure does speed it up. They have come a long ways in a couple years.


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