stainless steel grill burner project
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    stainless steel grill burner project

    guess this is the topic. i went directly to the introductions. and ask where to post. lol

    this only has one weld in it I'll be welding a stainless steel washer to the end of the pipes to replace the cap.

    does anyone have any advice on the hole size along the sides for the propane.
    there's about 140 of them per burner. I don't want them to big and waste too much gas.
    the existing on the rusted ones are just slight puncture holes not actually drilled holes.

    any other advice would be great.
    here are some pictures.


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    Re: stainless steel grill burner project

    140 holes in how much distance? I did what you are doing many years ago and I used 1/32" holes spaced about 3 times what the manufacturer used. Worked well. What are you using for a mixer?
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    Re: stainless steel grill burner project

    70 holes on each side in a 14" length i figure that's 5 holes per inch. doesnt sound like enough
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    Re: stainless steel grill burner project

    how hard is it to be cut it in 4 pieces and to drill those holes into stainless steel?
    am I going to need a special bit?
    i might take it to the machine shop to get it cut
    but the drilling might be expensive ill probably have to do it myself.

    going to weld the washer to make that cap.
    and wrap the screen around the outside and bolt it to it?

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    Re: stainless steel grill burner project

    Saw a new burner in Walmart for 10 bucks.

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    Re: stainless steel grill burner project

    Hi guys
    OK its been over a year I bought some grill parts at online. Walmart didn't have what I needed.
    they worked OK but now they have rusted through again.

    I got my pipe cut for free
    I'm looking to drill some holes but whats the best way to get them spaced out evenly once I figure the correct spacing?
    whats the best way to build a holder of some sort and easily move from one hole to the next

    I cant seem to edit the original post is the link to see more photos from the first post

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    Re: stainless steel grill burner project

    Are u gona run a regulator on each burner or you gona connect them together with a common plenum? My holes are 1/8" and every 1" and I get a nice blue flame. U could try holes every 1/2" at 1/16 diameter and I think that will work good. Name:  image.jpg
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